“This is the greatest event in the history of publishing.”

— Vivien Yellin, Mother

“It’s about time she earned some money.”

— Randy Arthur, Husband

“Yellin’s story is not only a delight to read but an inspiring example of the good that can come from taking risks, even when it’s uncomfortable or scary.”

— Publishers Weekly

“If she slanders me, I’ll kill her.”

— Gina Bogin, Sister

“She’s a devoted flosser.”

— Sari Netsky, Dentist

“Filled with lots of girl-talk, this memoir will appeal to readers who can’t get enough of the beginning, middle and sweet endings of love stories.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“My children are scared of her.”

— Amy Lieberman, Next Door Neighbor

“As a man, I don’t get it. But, you know, something makes me read it all. Who knows.”

— Rick Levine, Web Developer

“All the stupid copy was written by her.”

— Suzi Barst, Web Designer

“I keep on trying to think who I can compare this to, but you really can’t. I can say Erma Bombeck but younger, Chelsea Handler but kinder but that doesn’t do the book justice. It’s a voice that is unique and compelling.”

— Amazon review by Total Stranger